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the fayetteville
disc golf Association

If you care about disc golf at all, you already know how much work goes into keeping the courses in your area maintained, clean, and challenging for seasoned disc golfers. And if you've been paying attention, you've seen folks out on your favorite course working in the heat, in the cold, in the rain, to guarantee enjoyable rounds for anyone who shows up to play. Yeah - those guys.

In Northwest Arkansas, the Fayetteville Disc Golf Association has been crafting and maintaining Northshore for years, working hand-in-hand with Fayetteville Parks & Rec to design, create, and improve local courses. Waxhaws DGC is the perfect example. And if you're looking to grow the sport, this is how it's done: Award-winning Community Service, and Passion. Cedar Creek is proud to partner with FDGA.

contact:  zack asbury


"the rez" - Little rock

reservoir DGC is central arkansas' finest technical course
elevation, woods, woods, and... woods.




from the time edie heard picked up a disc, WE ALL knew she was on her way to something special. AND WE FIGURED SHE'D NEED HER OWN COMPANY FOR MERCH, PROMOS, ETC. SO WE'RE BUILDING HER A BRAND TO SUPPORT HER CAREER. LUCKY US. WE'VE GOT A WORLD CHAMPION FOR A CEO. 

Sam Heard, aka "Edie's Dad," started KEY DGC to support her disc golf career. Right about the time he got Edie's site up and running, he met Loppy. Loppy agreed to sponsor Edie, and Sam agreed to sponsor Cedar Creek. And that's how the Cedar Creek website came into being. Sam manages web development and social media for Cedar Creek, Edie, Kevin Jones, & The One & Only Doddfather.

You've heard people saying "CTB" instead of "CTP" right? 
Well, here's why they do that